Walkthrough To Do List

  • Created mutate directory with a copy of all Bioactive files:
  • Changed CSS to make more ADA compliant, and to standardize; updated header image to be generic; updated text and references to UF (campus police to police, Marston to Library, O'Connell to Student Center, replaced images for O'Connell)
  • Fix library page operations: replace library images for lobby and first floor, and to rework text so that other pages aren't used or can be used without being UF.
  • Create a copy of the course reserve file with several core generic options for databases.
  • Find an out of copyright book here or elsewhere that contains the same reference and is close enough to the call number, so we can use it. If we find it in UFDC, we can print the book from the TIFFs to promote UF and Bioactive.
  • Finish any other tweaks, and then re-update these pages as needed.
  • Decide if we can or will offer a hosted/supported individualized version of Bioactive. Decide if we want to name flavors of Bioactive (alpha, alpha1; mutant, mutantx..) so that we know how to help others with their versions.
  • Need to make all of these updates/decisions and then have a zipped file ready for download.

About Bioactive

"Bioactive" is an online game for library instruction, covering:

  • Learning to search the library catalog;
  • Learning to access an item in the online course reserve system;
  • Learning to find a journal article;
  • Learning to find materials in the library by call number.

Adapting Bioactive

  • To use Bioactive for your institution, first download all of the Bioactive files in the zipped file online.
  • After downloading, unzip these files into your web directory where your installation of Bioactive will be.
  • These files will create a near duplicate version of Bioactive@UF, with a few differences to make adaptating easier.
  • Download the file to be added to course reserves, which is available here.
  • Load the course reserve file into your course reserves.
  • Update "help.html" to include your information.
  • Update the links for your catalog, database, map, and reserves. All of the links in Bioactive go through the four pages in the "redirects" folder, so changing a single link in the four files in this folder will update all of the links for Bioactive.
    • Using a simple text editor (like Notepad), open the four files in the "redirects" folder:
      • catalog.html
      • database.html
      • map.html
      • reserves.html
    • Change the fifth line to have the correct link for your institution.
    • For instance, "catalog.html" has the link to UF's catalog:
      <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">
      Change only the URL from "" to the URL for your catalog.
    • Then, change map.html to link to your library map, database.html to link to the database you've chosen, and reserves.html to link to your course reserves.
  • Update any other files for further customization.
  • Update your library instruction pages to link to

Further Customization

center.html, center_after.html, AlcohoL_im.html, proftext.html
These pages can be updated to include more of your institutional information or they can kept as they are. In the University of Florida version of these pages, the "Center" is the O'Connell Center, which is a main event venue for concerts and basketball games. The key concern in the UF version of Bioactive is that the virus will be released at a basketball game. For other institutions, this may be best as a sports event, play, concert, or another event type. The adaptable "mutate" version of Bioactive uses "Student Center" and a "game" without any details to describe the place and event.

MSL_lobby.html and MSL_1st.html
These pages can be updated to include more of your institutional information or they can kept as they are. These are the main pages for your library, and can link to additional pages for exploring your library, but in Bioactive their core purpose is to teach students how to find materials by call number.

Further Help

If you'd like to use Bioactive for your institution, but don't have access to your own webspace, email us with the following information and we'll make the necessary pages for you on our site:

  • Institution name and library name if multiple libraries
  • Contact information (name, email, and phone)
  • Library catalog URL
  • Article database URL
  • Course reserves URL
  • Library floor plan map URL

With this information, we can quickly update the pages for you and then send you a link to your institution's version of Bioactive. From there, we can finish any remaining edits and you can go live with the site. For this, we ask that you keep us posted on any updates or questions so we can share them with the Bioactive community to make sure Bioactive is as useful as possible for everyone.