Bioactive is an online web-based game about bioterrorism designed to teach library research skills. The game was created by a team of librarians at University of Florida's George A. Smathers Libraries. A new version, ready for adaptation by others is under development. Please contact us or check back on our progress.

bioactive@uflib.ufl.edu will contact all of the information insiders.

Carrie Newsom, the Chemical Sciences Librarian, is in the running for best-traveled librarian of the year. She recently returned from a trip to the Florida Keys, which she visited to recuperate from a previous trip to France. She grew up on Nintendo but says that Tetris is her favorite video game.

Laurie Taylor is our Digital Projects Librarian. She has written about video games for the Gainesville Sun and Gamesfirst magazine. She is particularly fond of games in the gothic horror genre and especially likes the crunchy noises that zombies make when they bite you in Resident Evil.

Sara Russell Gonzalez is the Physical Sciences Librarian and very attached to her Nintendo DS. Her first experiences in gaming centered around Zork, on a Commodore 64, and she retains a fondness for retro adventure style games.

Chelsea Dinsmore is the International Documents Librarian and the Luddite of the group. She prefers her books on paper, her bread home-baked, and occasionally writes with a fountain pen. However, she played the original Space Invaders and Pong on an Atari 800 and got a real kick out of Frogger.

Val Davis' favorite game is Oblivion, a quest game, and she says that first-person shoot-outs make her nauseated. When she isn't playing games or working, Val likes to get outside and she recently completed her Scuba diving certification to increase her outside opportunities. When inside, Val is the Agricultural Outreach Librarian.

Cynthia Frey's early fascination with Zork and Miner 2049er on the Commodore 64 led to a lifetime enjoyment of console, portable, and computer gaming and she is also an avid World of Warcraft player with several level 70 characters. She began her library career in the Retrospective Conversion Department at the San Francisco Public Library and she currently works in Government Documents at the University of Florida.